Art appreciation and collection have been a life long passion for the owners of Azalea Falls.  Fortunately the location of Azalea Falls, the beautiful area of the Upper Buffalo River National Park, is filled with artists of every sort who take advantage of nature’s beauty for inspiration and sustenance.  Within the three homes at Azalea Falls many local artists are represented including Alice Andrews, Kate Nessler, John Watson, William McNamara, Ernie Kilman, Ken Landrum, Tim Ernst, Klayhawk Pottery and numerous local quilters.  Other non-local artists represented are William Tolliver, Harold Hitchcock, Jason He, Michael Parkes, Csaba Marcus, Pietro Annigoni and Joanna Zjawinska.


Combined with the ever changing, magnificent beauty of the Ozark Mountains, the beautiful artwork, family heirlooms, antiques and conveniences of modern day living should make your stay enlightening as well as relaxing.


Links to some of the artists are:


Alice Andrews – (abstract and representational paintings)


Kate Nessler -


William McNamara – (landscape and floral watercolor paintings)


Klayhawk Pottery - (taking clay to its limits)                     


Tim Ernst –  (photography and guide books)


John Watson –  art photography.


Ernie Kilman – (water and landscape paintings)


William Tolliver –  (African-American multimedia art)


Harold Hitchcock – (visionary English painter)


Csaba Marcus –  - portraits with a renaissance feel)


Michael Parkes – (fantasy art and magical realism)


Jason He – (impressionist, Peoples’ Republic of China)


Erte – Father of Art Deco – elegant fashion designs, bronze sculptures, prints